At Needle we offer a range of service-design tools that put the customer at the heart of development. This includes consumer research and insights, as well as workshops to generate customer journeys and personas.

    Service-design tools

    CX strategy
    Using a combination of workshops, research, and reporting, we help develop your future ventures with the user at the center of the experience.
    Customer journey mapping
    Using a workshop, analytics, research, or all three, we help track the journey, goals, and behaviors of your user into a map to inform future design decisions.
    Persona creation
    We work with you to develop your future digital strategy, taking into account upcoming trends, technologies, and your business needs.
    Behavioral economics
    Our senior researcher uses his background in consumer behavior and psychology to research and study your employees and/or customers’ needs and motivations.
    Consumer insights
    We conduct detailed desk research to provide a comprehensive overview of consumer trends and behaviors. This often combines a mix of surveys, statistics, and technological trends.
    User testing and validation
    Good service design relies upon the ability to collect feedback and validate assumptions. We offer a range of behavioral testing services (e.g. A/B testing).

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