Sanoma, an international media group, was interested in leveraging the full power online channels to grow sales. To solve this, Sanoma hired Needle to help optimize their digital marketing efforts.

    Client challenge

    Their challenges were as follows:

    Developing a new process for testing and gauging the effectiveness of promotions via online channels.
    Create a bridge between marketing and B2C, allowing for greater inter-team cooperation and reporting.

    Our solution

    We introduced an iterative testing approach, allowing Sanoma to more easily understand how effective each channel was for their various magazine brands (marketing strategy).
    We worked to make data and analytics a key component of their approach to campaigns (digital marketing execution).
    We introduced a briefing template to help teams communicate more effectively (agile coaching).

    More about results

    Thanks to this new digital strategy, the effectiveness of online channels has grown significantly. Sanoma now has a strong grasp on testing and validation, and can rely upon standardized reporting to optimize their different promotional channels.

    Our expert

    Stijn Martens

    Online Marketing Consultant

    Stijn is holding a Master in Communication & MultimediaDesign and has an additional hig…

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