As the owner of one of the largest in-house creative agencies in the world, CCX, Colruyt Group wanted to benchmark the agency structure against comparable organizations. To accomplish this task, Colruyt Group hired Needle to help perform a benchmark and review of the entire agency.

    Client challenge

    Their challenges were as follows:

    Learning how their organizational structure compares to other in-house teams.
    Compare and contrast digital practices and capabilities with other in-house teams.
    Using these insights to develop a digital innovation strategy and maintain their position as a top in-house creative agency.

    Our solution

    We began with thorough desk research, gathering the latest available information and research on in-house agency structures, organization, and digital ways practices.
    We complemented this research with a series of interviews with key members of CCX and Colruyt Group, as well as external industry experts.
    We used this information to prepare two surveys to understand the structure and practices at CCX, as well as their relationship to partners within the Colruyt Group. This approach allowed us to benchmark our results against other in-house teams.

    More findings

    In addition to a presentation of our main findings to key stakeholders of CCX and Colruyt Group, we also prepared a massive report containing the information gained from our qualitative and quantitative research, including how CCX compares to industry standards across a wide range of metrics. This project not only allowed CCX to identify their core strengths and weaknesses, but to also to inform and develop their future digital strategy.

    Our experts

    Etienne Goffin

    Senior Economist

    Etienne is Senior Economist at Needle Strategy. He combines his experience in economics…

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