The premium coffee brand Belmio faced a challenge: marketing high quality aluminum coffee capsules in a crowded market of lower-grade plastic alternatives.

    Client challenge

    Their challenges were as follows:

    Should they wade into the retail fray,
    or shift to a direct selling model?
    How should they adjust their branding to
    differentiate themselves from large international players?
    What are the upcoming coffee trends,
    preferences, and innovations?

    Our solution

    We adopted a customer-centered approach, revealing consumer preferences and motivations for buying capsule coffee.
    We complemented this approach with a broad overview of the coffee market, focusing in particular on relevant competitors within Europe.
    Based on this information, we identified promising branding and distribution opportunities.

    More about findings

    For example, one of our key findings was a growing consumer preference for gourmet and premium coffee. Repeatedly, surveys have revealed that taste is the primary determining factor when consumers choose coffee (trumping brand, price, and availability), and these tastes are now entering an era of connoisseurship. This trend was particularly relevant for Belmio to capitalize on, as their aluminum capsules help maintain freshness and aromas.

    Guided by the findings of our report, Belmio has chosen to keep distribution in supermarkets, and develop their brand identity around the advantages and quality of the aluminum capsules. These decisions have the virtue of being backed not by gut intuition, but by careful empirical research and market analysis.

    Our experts

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